Product Guru Platform Updates for Buyers

We're kicking off 2022 with a bunch of exciting upgrades to our Product Guru platform for buyers, continuing on our mission to help them to find the most innovative products relevant to their category.

Last year, we saw huge growth of our buyers community, and great success with our virtual pitches. We hosted 100+ events, and over 750 buyers joined our panels! We now have a full calendar of events for 2022, and hope that you will join us for upcoming events.

Now, all eyes should be on our online platform, which has gone through an impressive facelift 🙌 

For buyers who have not had a chance to explore our great capabilities to browse & find exciting products - there’s never been a better time. We’ve renovated the look of our platform with a brand-new dashboard, better product search functionality, and new team collaboration tools.

And there’s more coming! We continue to work on new and efficient ways to help buyers and brands connect, to get the most exciting innovative products onto shelves 😄

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What's new

Buyers' Dashboard

An intuitive new dashboard with personal recommendations, events, updates on shortlists and sample requests.

Collaboration Tools

Work as a team! Now you can add team mates to work as a group: share products, rate them as a team, and exchange messages.

Browse & Share Products

Enhanced functionality for browsing & finding products, with advanced categories and filters, plus the ability to share products with your team.

Track sample requests

As before, you can message suppliers to request information and samples. You can now also track your sample requests and get updates. 

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