Huddles LIVE: Re-Inventing the Trade Show

Our Huddles hybrid event series works to re-think the traditional trade show process, both on the buyer and brand sides. We guarantee in-person face to face meetings that will take place in an in-person venue space, as well as engage with buyers through our 4D video package or product sampling opportunity.

We set out to create larger than life innovation through this unique hybrid event. We also worked closely with each retailer prior to this event to best understand and curate brands that best meet the criteria, so no more having unnecessary interactions at trade shows with buyers who aren’t the right market fit for your product!

In our LIVE package, brands will have curated meet-ups with buyers in a luxury hotel venue space. Each brand will receive 8-minutes for these meet-ups to engage and pitch with buyers relevant to their category. This is why Huddles is an application-only event, as we work hard to make sure the event will fit your business needs.

What's wrong with Trade Shows, and how are Huddles so different?

At traditional trade shows, the overall reach is limited to the retailers who are invited to attend. Depending on the formatting of the show, this may mean that a very small amount of those who attend may be relevant to your brand. With our Huddles live package, we work to undo this costly practise by not only curating the right retailers and brands for each event, but also going one step ahead to guarantee 1-1 meetings in an organised schedule to ensure that you’re able to meet the right retailers.


With trade shows that have thousands of brands in attendance, this may leave many brands unable to communicate the right message as they try to convey their brand as they engage only in superficial and brief interactions. As trade shows also offer an overwhelming amount of choice of brands for buyers all over the retail spectrum, buyers are less likely to be absorbing the right messages from brands that are in line with their needs which results in less follow ups post-event.

When interactions actually happen, many shows do not offer the guarantee that you’ll be able to pitch your product. With multiple booths and hundreds of attendees, there is no specific time frame given to fully allow your brand to have the full spotlight without having your message diluted due to the thousands of other uncurated attendees present. Through Huddles, there’s no meeting hundreds of buyers that aren’t relevant to your brand. Our highly curated attendee list means that you’ll only meet buyers who are a market fit.

Our hybrid events go above and beyond by integrating our platform into the engagement and feedback process. Following up post-event is easy and effortless, by making it possible to view feedback, contact buyers directly, action any sample requests they may have, as well as schedule any follow-up meetings. At traditional trade shows, this same process is fragmented and highly ineffective. Without a centralised platform to manage event engagement and track buyer interactions, this can leave very little to no reward for such a costly event.

Finally, at Huddles, there are no hidden costs: the price of the ticket is the total of what you’ll need to pay. It's not uncommon for traditional trade shows to have very little disclosure when it comes to additional fees further down the line, as well as a full breakdown of what is provided. Once a ticket is paid, this can lead to hundreds more going towards the event to pay for any backdrops, tables, chairs or any other booth materials. All of these are included in your Huddles ticket, and we will provide any extra materials like these if needed, as well as an overnight stay in the hotel the night prior to the event.

Our main mission through our Live Package & HUDDLES event series is to empower in-person interactions in a highly engaging, fun and effective way; to really drive business results for both brands and buyers. We aimed to re-invent the trade show process and ensure that you’ll receive the value you deserve for your ticket.

In this continuously changing post-pandemic landscape, it is essential to have the right tools and avenues to properly elevate your brand, and communicate your mission and message in a way that makes sense and is cost-effective. With our live package, you’ll be able to have the right opportunities so that the full spotlight is on your brand, and the extras can be left to us.




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