Cotswold Fayre partners with Product Guru for Gift Food & Drink

Cotsworld Fayre Ltd, speciality and fine food wholesale distributor, supplying independent retailers, teamed up with Product Guru to find innovative brands to expand their Gift Food and Drink range of products.

Our team helped buyers at Cotsworld Fayre, the speciality and fine food wholesale distributor, to find new suppliers for the expansion and innovation of their Gift Food & Drink range.

The event was hosted for Cotsworld Fayre following Product Guru's Huddle Event dedicated to Gift Food and Drink brands. The buyers at Cotsworld Fayre were unable to attend the event due to unexpected circumstances, but they were very keen to meet with some of the brands who attended Huddles - so, a dedicated retailer campaign was organised by Product Guru for the selected brands to pitch to Cotsworld Fayre's buying team.

Our team at Product Guru was delighted to help buyers at Cotsworld Fayre with their efforts to find new brands for the Gift Food & Drink range. Over fifteen brands (half of the brands who attended the Huddle event live) were curated by the Product Guru team to meet the buyers' criteria, and submitted to Cotsworld Fayre. 

The buying team at Cotsworld Fayre proceeded to select their brands of interest, and a follow up 1:1 pitch event was organised between the parties.

We at Product Guru work closely with hundreds of buyers from the UK’s leading retailers. With clear guidelines from Cotsworld Fayre, Product Guru was able to curate brands meeting criteria and submit products that met the retailer's business objectives. 

Buyers at Cotsworld Fayre shared positive feedback and said the retailer campaign provided an effective approach to find new brands that were highly relevant to the category. The buyers also expressed they were keen to interact and follow up with the brands via the Product Guru platform.



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