Product Guru: All about our Mini-Huddles!

Following the success of our multiple Huddles events, we at Product Guru were excited to introduce an intimate version of our flagship event.

Perfectly named, 'Mini Huddles'. 

We Mini Huddled in June this year, and of course, it was a massive success!


Mini Huddles is another unique opportunity to get face-to-face time with leading retailers in your category. In one hour we scheduled a series of 10-minute meetings with a series of major retailers. You get to speak to ALL of them and get a chance to introduce your brands and products.


In the three days, five categories were held. We had businesses pitching their ideas in:

Pet, Gift Food, Snacking, Spirits & Greeting Cards + Stationery.


Partnership with Giftware Association for Greeting Cards & Stationery 


During greeting cards & stationery, we partnered with our friends over at the Giftware Association.

The GA are an organisation at the heart of the UK's gifting industry. The partnership came as they recognised how difficult it is for members to meet buyers and get their products to the right people at the right time.

“We are excited to be partnering with Product Guru who have shown a fresh and exciting new approach to how brands can meet buyers.

It’s an age-old question that we always get, and we believe the platform is a great place for challenger brands to showcase their products to some top name retailers, as well as getting feedback on their products too.

The service is set to grow with more opportunities which we are excited to share with our members and also work with Product Guru to bring in some great buyers for their huddles”. 

Sarah Ward, CEO of The Giftware Association


Like Huddles, our events are tech-powered. So all buyers are handed tablets to access information about your products, request samples, and follow up to keep the conversation going on our powerful digital platform post-event.


This was an exciting time to invite new connections with retailers from:

Zoological Society of London, Harrods, Lagadére Travel Rail, Virgin Atlantic, Royal Collection Trust, Ambassador Theatre Group, Entotria & Coe, Zapp, Harvey Nichols, Lark London, Urban Outfitters, Fortnum + Mason, Science Museum Group & Design Museum.


Building new retailer connections is always a win at Product Guru, that is why the attendance of major retailer Pet's Corner was massive for us during mini-huddles!

Due to the fast-paced nature of mini-huddles, many retailers and businesses were able to meet, pitch their products and continue the conversation through our emerging platform

While you are here, check out our upcoming events!


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