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ByValentine is a skin care brand based in London, with a range of 100% natural, no sulphates, no parabens and cruelty-free products. ByValentine is one of thousands of brands from suppliers in our thriving community, which we are proud to support. 

We talked to founder, Valentine, from this exciting brand, who told us all about byValentine.

WHITE logo_edited.pngZimbabwe born and practising UK - registered Pharmacist Valentine Sibanda founded byValentine Skin Care in October 2020. 

How many people work for your business?

Currently, one person – myself, I do have a PR representative who has been helping to raise brand awareness since March 2021.  

Who do you sell to?

My target market is mainly women of all ages, even though I do have some male customers who are serious about their skin care. I run an e-commerce business, I’d love to be able to supply to other stores and businesses as I currently work full-time as a Pharmacist  by day.  

I have recently partnered with a long time friend who owns a beauty parlour , byValentine Skin Care products will be stocked in her salon – we are both very excited about this venture. She is expanding her business and this is also the first stop for the byValentine Skin Care brand to be available in a physical store.   

Is there a specific product you're particularly proud of and why? 

The Vegan Facial Cleanser because it turned to be everything I had initially hoped for, because when the brand launched I started with 4 products, they were really good products but the packaging was a bit of a let down as they didn’t appear to be as appealing to the consumer.

How the packaging looks is really what either draws the customer in or puts them off.  I thought to introduce a product that was appealing on the outside but also most importantly, that was just as good as the 1st generation or even better.

The Vegan Facial Cleanser does all the jobs that the previous products offered – a multi-purpose product in bottle, it means there’s less clutter in the bathroom or your dressing table!  

What do you most enjoy about running your business? 

I have the opportunity to express myself and showcase my creativity. Processing the orders, packing them, the way I arrange the postal boxes, adding tissue paper, stickers etc, deciding on the designs and even at the manufacturing level - choosing the packaging and colours it’s all very exciting. I get to have a break from the seriousness of my every day job.  


When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing? 

I love going out to eat, if it involves food I’m going to be there. I like to travel, the places I go to I’ll just be there to see that the food is about.  

What do you think of the free Product Guru platform? What encouraged you to join? 

"It really is the best thing for entrepreneurs, it provides a certain level of support you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It is also a learning platform with very insightful and useful information and tools. This is why I joined, to keep up with the business world, to learn and be inspired to keep going and continue to develop the brand." 

- Valentine Sibanda, founder of byValentine


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