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We caught up with Ben Bowman - Co-Founder of Manuka North. 

Manuka North is a family-run company with a passion for health and wellness. Educating the world on the unparalleled benefits of Manuka Honey.


Tell us more about your company. 

Manuka North is a family-run company with a passion for health and wellness. Our mission is to educate the world on the unparalleled benefits of Manuka Honey and to ethically and sustainably harness the rich resources of New Zealand's natural environment to create products that enrich people's lives.

Is there a specific product you've particularly proud of and why?

All our products are created and tested to the highest standard to ensure that all our products are considered premium and 100% Authentic. We are proud of all our different levels of MGO Manuka Honey and the high end look we provide with the glass jar and label. 

The product we are particularly proud of are our Manuka Honey Wellness Gummies. We provide flavours that are unique to the UK and ingredients which, in addition to the Manuka Honey, increase the health benefits. These include Orange with Turmeric & Ginger, Blackcurrant with Vit C & Zinc and Apple Cider Vinegar. 4440fa_8a317fd0aa5a46cfa4942d5efa8d9049~mv2.jpgThe gummies are perfect for kids who may not be honey eaters as they give them the same nutrition as a spoon of honey but in a chewable child friendly gummy. Each gummy contains Manuka Honey MGO400+ which has a high potency of the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Manuka Honey.

What do you most enjoy about your business? 

We love the challenge of educating people of the magical and unparallelled benefits that the Manuka Flower, Manuka Honey and the many products we produce can provide. Through that work it gives us great satisfaction knowing that we are creating a healthier lifestyle for our customers.

For the founder/face of the brand - when not working, what do they enjoy doing?

As a dog owner, I love being outdoors and enjoying the countryside and all the nature we have on our doorstep. 

How many people work for the business?4440fa_1c7e92550d594e1c95d58bd50f41928f~mv2.jpg copy

We currently have 5 people working for Manuka North. 

Who do you sell your products to?

Our target audience differs by product. However, we aim to sell our products to anyone who is either interested in living a healthy lifestyle or they arent but we can educate on the benefits of Manuka Honey products. As mentioned above, we offer Manuka Honey in its natural form but also in the form of gummies which are full of flavour, that the kids love, and also a convenient option you can carry with you in your bag or the car.


 What are your ambitions for the company?

Our ambition is to be the company you think of when you hear 'Manuka Honey'. We know the health benefits that our products offer and our mission is to educate people so they can make the right choices with their health and what they consume. In an ideal world for Manuka North, there would be a pot of Manuka Honey or a tub of Manuka Honey Wellness Gummies in every kitchen cupboard or pantry in the world.

What do you think of the free Product Guru platform? What encouraged you to join?

We saw Holland & Barrett as the ideal company to work with to grow both our business and also enhance their product range. After contacting their buyers department we were asked to upload our brand and products on the Product Guru platform. I have found it very easy to use and we hope it will be beneficial in getting our products further into the public domain.

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