Introducing: Huddles, Product Guru's new hybrid events

After an overwhelmingly positive response to our Virtual Pitches event series, we're excited to announce we're taking building brand and retailer connections to new heights with Huddles; our newest product offering!

Hybrid events are not only here to stay, they're the future of building relationships. Here at Product Guru, we continue to innovate ways to help foster brand and retailer connections. This is why we've taken this mission to new levels and introduced our biggest launch in our product offering evolution with Huddles; our newest hybrid events. 

Huddles are set to be the most disruptive industry events yet, connecting brands and retailers through an innovative approach intersecting both live and virtual interaction.

Each of these events will bring together up to fifty challenger brands and a remarkable line-up of the UK's biggest retailers for each featured category for a one-day experience, with an optional networking evening for more casual interactions between attendees. 

Our CEO, Simon Coyle, sees Huddles as an crucial next step from our involvement in the industry with virtual pitch events:

“Over the past couple of years, we have worked closely with disruptive brands and retailers, supporting them in the journey to get innovative products discovered and listed. With our virtual pitch events and online platform, we have developed close relationships with many big retailers, and we are about to harness these connections to offer brands a lifetime opportunity to engage with buyers live.”

Our newest event concept will set the stage for new and groundbreaking ways to initiate meetups for brands and retailers. At each event, brands will have eight minutes to engage with every buyer of their respective categories. Additionally, we'll also have a hybrid space that combines video pitches with product sampling, a captivating option for both local and international brands unable to attend in person. 

The Huddles experience will have a multichannel approach, working in conjunction with the Product Guru platform. Integrating this technology will allow buyers to log feedback and take next-step action as they come into contact with brands and products.

Different ways for brands to make the most of the experience

Huddle events offer challenger brands the opportunity to get involved through different options, with the flagship in-person package providing the opportunity to interact face to face in guaranteed time slots with decision-making buyers from leading UK retailers in their categories.

Our other two available packages aim to target all local and international brands unable to attend in person.  With our hybrid video package, brands deliver a 4-minute video pitch alongside product sampling for all buyers at the event. Our third and final package will offer brands the opportunity to reach attendees with samples of their products, to get buyers at the event to try their samples and provide feedback.

"We can’t wait to see brands engaging personally with leading retailers, improving brand awareness, and getting buyers to try samples of their products. It will be a unique event for truly meaningful interactions, with big opportunities for brands and buyers to evolve their business.” - Simon Coyle, CEO of Product Guru

Our partners in the industry are as excited as we are to get involved in this experience. Here's what one of our partners, a Category Buyer at Springvale Foods, said about her involvement in Huddles:

Maddie milton quote

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