Product Guru introduces POP: New tech-powered concept stores

After our big success launching our Huddles hybrid events, we're thrilled to bring a new amazing concept to disrupt the industry once more with POP, our new tech-powered concept store events, to put emerging brands in front on hundreds of key market players.

POP is an inspiring step forward, as we further evolve our offering with innovative events and digital tools for brands to connect with key industry players.

POP is a first-of-its-kind series of technology powered concept stores, with inaugural events taking place in London throughout September. Each POP concept store take place over the course of 6 days in a stylish venue merchandised as a retail store.

The inaugural POP concept store events will be dedicated to Health and Beauty, Home and Gifting, and Food and Drink categories; hosted throughout September, in Islington, London. Each event will attract a multitude of industry leaders relevant to the brands on display, in a pioneering hybrid concept integrating technology to drive interactions. 

Brands taking part will benefit from exposure to retail buyers, wholesalers, distributors, importers, investors, journalists, and influencers, who will be able to browse products and effectively use the integrated technology from Product Guru’s platform to access product data, brand videos, request samples, and take next-step actions. In-store technology will provide real-time performance data for brands to get insights from visitors engaging with their products. In addition, advanced 3D technology will enable other attendees to join the experience virtually. 

Simon Coyle, Founder and CEO of Product Guru, said: “As we strive to help brands to find their route to market, we’re very excited to launch POP, our new concept store events to get brands in front of hundreds of key market players. We’re taking the best aspects of trade shows, maximising the power of hybrid interactions, and creating an entirely new, tech-powered, cost-effective, targeted event for exposing brands to the whole industry.” 

“We’re known in the industry for ground-breaking innovation, and we continue to evolve our products and events to stay at the forefront of the retail tech revolution. The industry has been crying out for more opportunities to discover true product innovation and be inspired – this is what we’re offering with POP.” 

“Our partners are eager to see this unique, curated experience coming to life, where all the key market players can experience product innovation first-hand. Brands are just as excited to take part; over 100 brands pre-registered for our POP events in London ahead of the launch. We have now released tickets on our website and can’t wait for challenger brands to take advantage of this grand opportunity to grow their business.”  

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