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Tell us more about your company

At Bionutrica, we believe that true prevention is not waiting for bad things to happen, its preventing things from happening in the first place. With that in mind, we are here to make nutrition a solution.

We bring nutrition supplements, with focus on preventive healthcare, that have been specially developed by Bioreva Sciences Limited, with a focus on overall health and wellbeing of its consumers. This comes from our sincere belief, which stems from decades of understanding of human body and its metabolism, that the key to a long and healthy life is to nourish it with the finest of all ingredients. Today, our hectic schedules, crunched lifestyles, un-healthy food habits, frequent exposures to Pollution, have rendered our systems susceptible to Lifestyle Disorders like never before. However, these Lifestyle Disorders can be targeted by a right mix of essential nutrients and natural extracts of proven therapeutic properties, to delay and in most cases, avoid, the occurrence of such chronic Lifestyle Disorders.

We believe that food feeds us mentally, physically, and emotionally.

The global growth of the Nutrition Industry is marred by the lack of quality parameters and benchmarks. At BioNutrica, backed by founders with decades of experience in healthcare, we constantly work to ensure scientifically backed formulas, with right ingredients, all sourced from and formulated at highest levels of GMP complied facilities, bringing you, true uncompromising quality.
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Is there a specific product you've particularly proud of and why?

Well, yes. But we cannot single out just one product. Behind each and every product we launch there is a purpose, and a lot of research goes into developing the right formulation, sourcing the perfect ingredients, and positioning it in the best manner. So we are proud of every single product that we have. Having said that, listed few for you below.
Top selling product -  

BioJoints -  

A comprehensive supplement for normal Joints, bones and muscle function fortified with powerful combination of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid, Boswellia serrata extract, and turmeric extract. All in one tablet!
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BioMan BioMan1500x1500_1440x 

A comprehensive men health supplement with six botanical compounds and 24 vitamins and minerals, it is one of the most potent supplement in its category in the UK that help maintain normal sperm count, normal testosterone levels and contribute to immunity, vitality and all-round health in men.

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BioMan- Ranked #3 Men Supplement in UK for two months in a row as independently reviewed by MSN UK. Know more - 

BIOCzn - 1500x1500BIOCZN_bc920ef3-5665-4f00-b3ef-adf6b55163b9_1440x

A fast-dissolving fizzy effervescent tablet with added colours with 1000mg of Vitamin C & 25mg of Zinc. It helps to maintain skin health, immunity, & energy. Suitable for vegans, and GMP certified.

BioLiver -BioLiver1500x1500_1440x

A Premium Liver Support Supplement that helps maintain normal hepatic function and support normal fat metabolism. BioLiver is fortified with botanical compounds such as Artichoke Extract, Cranberry Extract, Nettle Leaves Extract and Milk Thistle Extract that have been studied for their potential role in liver detoxification, all this combined with essential amino acids and choline to help support liver function.

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What do you most enjoy about your business?

It’s our continuous passion to make preventive healthcare a mainstream study, and solution. We see ourselves that we are not just another supplement company, we work for a generation that wants more. More out of their day, more out of their lives, and so more out of their supplements too. We hold our commitment very close to us, & devote ourselves to offer more quality, more transparency, more delivery, more performance, more sustainability - to help our consumers start their journey to preventive nutrition, so that you keeping asking for more!

 In a world of more and more choices for everything, just doing the same thing won’t work. It’s time to do what’s best, and this is what we work towards, and it’s the journey to bring out the best, that we enjoy the most.



For the founder/face of the brand - when not working, what do they enjoy doing?

Honestly, we do not consider Bionutrica as work or as a day job. Every one of us is here to contribute towards an idea of preventive nutrition, and we work towards it even when ‘not working’. When not handling day to day business, the best thing to do is ideate, find newer solutions. That’s what we do. 

Who do you sell your products to?
  • Official website (
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • onBuy
  • And Local Distributors

What are your ambitions for the company?
To make nutrition a solution, and to reach to as many lives as possible. TO bring people to join our journey towards a healthier self. To understand and make them understand that although life may resemble a competition towards the ultimate goal, in our rush to secure victory, we mustn't overlook our well-being. We possess the reins of our own lives, underscoring the need to bolster our capacities and care for our complete selves: body, intellect, and soul. Gradually and consistently, through wholesome routines, our aim should not solely revolve around achieving more, but rather around achieving with greater quality of life!
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I believe that Product Guru is a valuable tool for both brands and buyers. For brands, it provides a platform to reach a wider audience and generate leads. For buyers, it provides a convenient way to discover new products and suppliers.
Product Guru team has great vision and is committed to business growth, and we wish to be part of that journey.

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