Product Guru Supplier Focus - Into the World of KZ Organics

We spoke to founder, Kloe Avon, about their brand KZ Organics.

Tell us more about your company.

Just before the UK went into lockdown i became infected with COVID19 and then developed Long Covid including loss of taste and smell, rather than my taste and smell returning it returned distorted (parosmia) and i have since not recovered. In September 2021 filled with grief for losing the life i had ever known and being thrown into a world of strange smells, unfamiliar products and foods, i knew i had to change the way I was living in a battle to beat the depression i was now facing. I started to research into different skincare products and ask why some smelt the way they did and what was the difference between them. After 18 months I found a formulation and it was that revolutionary to the life i had been living, KZ Organics was born.


Is there a specific product you've particularly proud of and why?

Our product line is developed based on scent then texture whilst fulfilling the purpose of skincare. There are so many incredible skincare products on the market but living with parosmia, they just weren't suitable. With a rise in Parosmia cases and a 2.2 million rise in Long Covid in the UK alone, i knew soon there would be millions of people who like me were suffering from the moment they woke up in a morning.

What do you most enjoy about your business?

When I developed Parosmia, i felt that my world had ended. Nobody knows if we will ever recover from this and not much is known about Parosmia itself. It was easy to become overwhelmed by the unknown but developing KZ Organics has gave me the opportunity to meet people who are in the same situation, enable me to keep fighting and keep researching to find a way to make life liveable. It may seem like we are just a skincare business but if we can create positive change for someone waking up in a morning, we are another step in the right direction to creating wider change

Who do you sell your products to?

Whilst our target market is those who are suffering long term illness from scent loss to scent distortion, our products can be enjoyed by everyone who is looking for a sustainable organic skincare range.

What are your ambitions for the company?

We would love to stock a major retail listing and most importantly be able to become a brand that makes a difference in the world.

What do you think of the free Product Guru platform? What encouraged you to join?

We attended the Huddles Event and pop-up store, it's been really good to get buyers feedback and have something to work on and develop both long term and short term. Without Product Guru we wouldn't of had this opportunity.


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