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Jamu Wild Water is a brand of natural water products for children, showcasing natural botanicals, active health benefits and gentle fizz and flavour. The mission of the brand is to help children ignite their interest in the outdoors and build a life-long appreciation of the nurturing benefits of nature for mind and body.

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We talked to Founder Tahi Grant-Sturgis, who told us all about this exciting brand.

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Tell us about the company, Tahi.

Jamu Wild Kids which trades as Jamu Wild Water was formed in 2021, we spent roughly a year developing the concept and have only just launched in Feb 2022.

How many people work for the business? 

Jamu Wild Water is managed and operated by both Co-Founders, however, we work closely with consultancy specialists and design teams to deliver expertise across all departments.

Who do you sell to? 

Currently, we’re selling direct to consumers from our website.  We hope to be widely distributed in foodservice and independent retailers by the end of the year with progression into larger grocery mid 2023.

Is there a specific product you're particularly proud of and why? 

We’re incredibly proud of our Wild Water range, which are completely natural, sugar-free sparkling botanical waters for children. They offer parents and kids a healthy alternative to  high sugar content drinks such as juice and soda, without compromising on taste, or packing full of artificial ingredients. 

To support children’s health, each drink contains botanicals, vitamin C & zinc, (both at 38% RDA) and plant fibre (25% RDA*), so there are some real benefits for parents who are constantly negotiating with their kids over sugary drinks, and encouraging them to make healthier decisions. 

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What do you most enjoy about running your business? 

Meeting and working alongside people who are passionate about what they do, and who take active steps to improve, give back, and support people and the environment through the work they do.

For the founders/face of the brand - when you/they are not working, what do you/they enjoy doing? 

We love the outdoors and food, so any combination of the two is usually a perfect day out.  There’s nothing better than a long walk or swim, a picnic lunch, and exhausted kids.

What do you think of the free Product Guru platform? 

"I think it’s a brilliant concept, it removes the challenges that brands have getting an opportunity to present to buyers and it gives buyers an opportunity to scout and review products in a systematic way."

Tahi Grant-Sturgis, Founder - Jamu Wild Water


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