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Wellexir is a Copenhagen-based company founded in 2018 by Danish superstar Medina and a team of passionate experts from the beauty & nutrition sectors. Their vision is to make state-of-the-art food supplements. This is one of thousands of brands from suppliers in our thriving community, which we are proud to support. 

We talked to CEO of Brands of Style, Elena Bloothoofd, who represents this exciting brand and told us all about Wellexir.


About the company

Wellexir is a Copenhagen-based company with international ambitions, with a mission to be the household name in supplements for the health conscious consumer who values high quality, great taste, convenience and care for our environment.

wellexir2How many people work for the business? 

Wellexir has currently 8 employees.

Who do you sell to? 

Our key customers are Sephora, Ahlens, Magasin, Matas, beauty salons, and beauty online stores.

Is there a specific product you're particularly proud of and why? 

We are specifically proud of our Wellexir Coffee Creamers – A world first! Many people chose to not drink milk in their daily life, but still want that creaminess for their daily caffeine-boost (Coffee)

It can be a struggle to find dairy-free alternatives to milk on the go - But now you have an alternative. 2500 mg. collagen for a rich mouthfeel, and the patented vana blanca creamer (coconut based) to bring that rich milky flavour to your coffee + the benefits of a boost of high-quality collagen in your coffee. 


What do you most enjoy about running your business? 

Being a passionate team that always strives for greatness and always to improve our customer experience with our products. We are large enough to play with the big boys, yet small enough to be agile in the market, we aim to be first and best in class when it comes to convenience supplements in the beauty-supplement category.

For the founders/face of the brand - when you/they are not working, what do you/they enjoy doing? 

When our co-found is not in design mode or working through numerous of flavour samples and scouting the market for the next trend – She is the #1 selling pop star in Denmark, mom for her 9-month son Tyler, and businesswoman. She is a red cross ambassador and protector for the fight against breast cancer.

About the ambassador and co-founder

Being a superstar in the Nordics and Germany, Medina’s dynamic lifestyle requires every help from mother nature she can get. She educated herself in the world of inner beauty, wellbeing and nature’s powers and created Wellexir. Her dream to find and share the ultimate combination of vitamins to a healthier skin, energy and vitality has come true.

wellexir medina from denmark pregnant


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