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Product Guru Supplier Focus – Into the World of Natural Soul Skincare

"I am Kamiljit Batth and I am the owner of the business. I make all products with ingredients that have been sourced from around the globe. I use knowledge from my Indian heritage to develop a skincare range with a difference. After a lot of research, I discovered many ingredients that could be used to develop skincare products that were clean, vegan and organic. I have also completed a number of skincare courses."

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Product Guru Supplier Focus – Into the World of Fusspot Collagen

Hear from our newest Supplier Focus! Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea was developed to support the concept of “beauty from within” An easy, affordable, beneficial and ready-to-drink everyday solution of organic teas packed with antioxidants and boosted with the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen peptides to support radiant, glowing skin, hair & nails from the inside. We spoke to founder Sam Arcadipane about all aspects of running the business--from their favorite products to what it's like running a beauty brand! 

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Product Guru Supplier Focus – Into the World of Braw Liquor Club

Scottish liquor brand Braw Liquor Club focuses on producing locally sourced, small batch cocktails. Expertly crafted with premium Scottish ingredients. They're on a mission to make cocktails better without cutting corners on quality, using Scottish ingredients from land and sea, sourced with transparency. We spoke to founder Lizzie Mackirdy who answered all things Braw Liquor Club!

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Product Guru Supplier Focus – Into the World of KURO-Bo

KURO-BO is an eco-conscious water filtration brand that utilises the power of activated charcoal with glass containment, in order to provide solutions for cleaner, healthier water. Using an ancient Japanese technique of Binchotan, KURO-BO’s charcoal sticks ensure water is clarified in an ongoing, sustainable process. 

Kuro-BO is part of a line-up of sustainable, innovative brands represented by Brands of Style. Brands of Style helps brands navigate international expansion and take them to the next level! Learn more and see how they can help you gain access to the right markets you're looking for. 

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