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3 Steps to Protecting Your Food & Drink Brand

The Food & Drink Sector has contributes an estimate £28bn to the UK economy, growing by 2.3% on the previous year. Figures show it accounts for 20% of all UK manufacturing, making it the largest sector in the UK. With the volume of new food brands being launched every year to compete in this highly valued market, it is essential to have your brand protected. The amount of competitors with similar target markets and brand approach mean that protecting your brand’s intellectual property rights such as brand design and recipe are more important than ever in order to be seen as a distinguishable brand from the rest. In this article, we break down some of the most important items to consider for your food brand.  

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Product Guru Supplier Focus – Into the World of Mama Buci

Mama Buci honey is lovingly hand-harvested in the Miombo forests of central Zambia. Their amber, poly-floral, pure honey makes its way from hive to home with no additives or preservatives. Their sustainable treetop bar hives are hand-built by Zambian locals. They are specially designed to make harvesting easier and kinder to the environment and ensure they produce the purest honey possible. Through each step of the journey, they make sure that the clarity and flavour of the honey is never compromised.

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Product Guru Supplier Focus – Into the World of GRAIN & BOWL

GRAIN & BOWL makes award winning, premium gourmet British granola with only the finest ingredients. Driven by free from but led by flavour, their granola is the definition of permissible indulgence. Using only natural ingredients, they have 3 SKUS, each in 300g 100% recyclable pouches. We spoke to founder Alexia to learn about their brand, products, and running their business. 

When was your company formed? Where are you based? What do youproduce?

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Product Guru Supplier Focus – Into the World of Spice Pots

Spice Pots is a premium Indian spice blend company based in East Lothian, Scotland. Their mission is to help people make consistently delicious curry and Indian-inspired food at home with their clever shortcuts and simple recipes. Their spice blends are 100% natural and feature a variety of spice collections and gift sets. We spoke to founder Melanie Auld about what it's like to run the business and her experience with Product Guru. 

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Product Guru Supplier Focus – Into the World of Kear Natural

Multi-award winning brand Kear Natural aims at promoting conscious treatments with non-invasive skincare products that are multipurpose, gender-neutral and functional that are explicitly produced in Greece, in certified labs from pure raw materials sourced from local producers. Founder & CEO Ypatia Mitsatsou tells all about the brand, notable products, and what it's like running the business. 
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Product Guru Supplier Focus – Into the World of Nanshy

Nanshy is a Cheltenham UK based brand, e stablished in 2012, with an aim to provide exceptional quality beauty, makeup & skincare tools that are 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan.  The brand identified a constant struggle to find suitable products for people with sensitive and problematic skin at affordable pricing, so they decided to fill this gap by introducing Nanshy-stylish, high quality products with luxurious and sleek design suitable for any skin type. We spoke to co-founder & managing director Paula about what it's like running the brand!
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Product Guru Supplier Focus – Into the World of Botanic Wellness

Botanic Wellness is a distinguished leader in the Hemp Industry. Their farming professionals ensure quality genetics by propagating their own seeds, farm and/or contract to farm their own hemp, contract to process their hemp, and manage their own wholesale and retail sales. Botanic wellness is known for its quality, purity, and environmentally responsible growing methods. We spoke to Managing Director, Kirk Richards, to learn more about the brand! 

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