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Product Guru Supplier Focus | Into the World of Earthy Nail Polish

Earthy is a nail polish brand born from a frustration towards unsustainable cosmetic products that do more harm than good, and it specialises in producing free, natural nail polish. Earthy is one of thousands of brands from suppliers in our thriving community, which we are proud to support. We talked to Jackie Khangura from this exciting brand, who told us all about Earthy Nail Polish.   

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Product Guru Supplier Focus | Into the World of Banana Hands Clean Oceans Project

The Banana Hands Clean Oceans Project has a range of personal care products for all the family, made from certified organic coconut ingredients, and supplied by families on the Solomon Islands. With a strong focus on the environment, some of their profits are used to clean up the oceans. For every Banana Hands product purchased, the organisation removes and recycles ten pieces of ocean plastic, to help keep oceans clean and safe for wildlife. 

Banana Hands is one of thousands of brands in our thriving community, which we are proud to support. We talked to Annie Holden from this exciting brand, who told us all about Banana Hands Clean Oceans Project.   

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How Retail Technology Can Revolutionise How You Get In front of Buyers

The most dangerous phrase in the English language is “We’ve always done it this way”, renowned computer scientist Grace Hopper famously said. Over the last year as planes were grounded, key retail trade shows cancelled, and face to face meetings replaced by boxes on a screen, these words have proved harshly pertinent to the retail industry, with many FMCG suppliers left scratching their heads as to the best way to get in front of buyers.

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Lockdown 2.0: Positive Steps to Sustain Your Business

If you’ve had to close your shop doors under more restrictions, no doubt that now oft-repeated phrase “non-essential retail” really stings, because the business you’ve built up from scratch using your savings and put blood, sweat and tears into, isn’t “non-essential” to you and those around you. Of course, we all recognise the importance of protecting public health, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a really challenging time the retail sector and restrictions on retail across the various parts of the UK and more widely across Europe, undoubtedly have the potential to inflict further damage to the sector at the busiest time of the year for the industry.

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Four Brand Awareness Techniques That Can't Be Ignored in 2021

Increasing brand awareness is the key goal of every emerging business. But if you're a small or mid-sized business with limited time, how do you best decide where to focus your efforts in order to build that all important customer trust, loyalty and familiarity? There are numerous ways to build brand awareness via online and offline marketing methods but we’ve outlined four techniques which are particularly powerful in 2021.

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Instagram for business: A guide for beginners

If your business isn’t on Instagram these days, you’d better start today. If you sell any kind of product, if you own a shop or if you want people to recognize your brand, it’s time to get an account on the ‘Gram’. The social network is too popular to ignore. It’s in the hands of your buyers – via their phones – wherever they go.

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Do retailers only care about margins?

Nobody wants to feel like they’re paying over the odds for things, not least a retailer who’s looking to turn a profit on the product they’re buying. As the seller, of course you want to build relationships with retailers and make a bit of money yourself so, does that mean you should offer your product at the lowest possible cost price to make sure that you get the sale?
Well, it depends how you want your brand and product to be positioned: do you want to be the Lamborghini or the Lada of your market or, somewhere in the middle? If you’re happy to be the Lada (now largely extinct in the UK, as a side note) you’ll probably concentrate on making sure that your parts, production and packaging along with other business costs are kept to a minimum, to keep your landed costs as low as you feasibly can.

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