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Industry Trends: The Rise of Hybrid Events

As the world continues to adjust to a post-pandemic landscape, there are a number of emerging trends in the industry that have skyrocketed in popularity within the past two years. One particular trend that stands out is hybrid events.

What exactly are hybrid events?

Each hybrid event, whether it’s the in-person or virtual experience, is designed to drive action and exploration that is tailored to the participants' needs. Hybrid events are able to re-think the limitations presented by both virtual events and in-person events.

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All About Our In-Room Sampling Package

Getting a buyer’s attention through traditional means can be a daunting task. Once you’ve spent time creating your product, it’s time to send out samples to your preferred buyers and wait to see if you have any luck. The way buyers prefer to operate and provide feedback (if they provide any) is unique to each retailer, which means you won’t always know whether buyers will get back to you with an opportunity to meet or if your product doesn’t fit what the retailer is looking for.

A buyer’s time is valuable, and due to this many buyers will already have back-to-back meetings with brands throughout the day. Therefore, it can be difficult to make your product stand out or even get a call back using the traditional means of sending out samples, cold calling, or using email outreach. Many times, relying on sending out samples alone may not be an efficient use of your marketing budget, as buyers handle a large volume of requests from different brands demanding their attention and may not always be able to guarantee engagement with your brand.

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Huddles LIVE: Re-Inventing the Trade Show

Our Huddles hybrid event series works to re-think the traditional trade show process, both on the buyer and brand sides. We guarantee in-person face to face meetings that will take place in an in-person venue space, as well as engage with buyers through our 4D video package or product sampling opportunity.

We set out to create larger than life innovation through this unique hybrid event. We also worked closely with each retailer prior to this event to best understand and curate brands that best meet the criteria, so no more having unnecessary interactions at trade shows with buyers who aren’t the right market fit for your product!

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Introducing: Huddles, Product Guru's new hybrid events

After an overwhelmingly positive response to our Virtual Pitches event series, we're excited to announce we're taking building brand and retailer connections to new heights with Huddles; our newest product offering!

Hybrid events are not only here to stay, they're the future of building relationships. Here at Product Guru, we continue to innovate ways to help foster brand and retailer connections. This is why we've taken this mission to new levels and introduced our biggest launch in our product offering evolution with Huddles; our newest hybrid events. 

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Top 5 Retail Trends for 2022

The pandemic continues to make immense changes in the entire retail industry. Everything from how businesses market themselves, to how and where consumers primarily get their products.

Online retail, already rising pre-pandemic, emerged as the biggest powerhouse in the industry and dominates as the main channel to promote, view, and purchase. Traditional retail, such as brick-and-mortar stores, continue to remain an essential part of retail (albeit with a smaller footprint than before) especially as we adjust ourselves to living with the pandemic in a more long-term mindset. 

As a business, it’s important to get ahead of these trends not only to remain relevant to your target audience, but to breach new markets to aid in business expansion over time.

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Product Guru Supplier Focus | Into the World of Neuraleaf

Neuraleaf specialises in the research, development and manufacture of cannabinoid-based formulations, launched and run by a team of British Cannabinoid Experts. Neuraleaf is a UK-based company, and they strictly regulate their operations to ensure their products are pure high quality and accurately labelled, made from the purest GMP grade ingredients. 

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The Cost of Marketing your Food or Drink Brand

Guest post by Richard Horwell is the owner of Brand Relations

Wholesalers and retailers 

The main route to market for new brands is through wholesalers; selling direct to stores is almost impossible. But do not rush to contact the most obvious large wholesaler without checking if the wholesaler supplies your target retailers – you would be surprised how frequently this mistake is made.
Once you’ve sourced the wholesalers your targeted retailers buy from, you must now convince the wholesaler to give you a listing and, inevitably, pay their listing / marketing fees. So be very aware that stocking at wholesalers isn’t cheap. You will be asked to spend a minimum £2,000 listing fee per wholesaler, before your product is even advertised in their catalogues and that doesn’t include the additional marketing which involves YOU providing the banners, e-flyers and any other materials for them. 

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